About me

Hi, I'm Molly

I'm a yoga teacher, Oxford graduate, vegan and lover of animals. I've been practising and studying yoga for over twelve years, and I'm so excited to share my practice with you. My classes are welcoming, informative, creative and empowering. 

I first came to yoga at the age of twelve when I began regularly attending classes, having fallen in love with how it made me feel both physically and mentally. I cultivated a regular self-practice and learnt everything I could about the poses and philosophy of yoga over the course of my teenage years. The practice has been my lifeline through tricky years, mental challenges and Oxford life, and it has brought me the most strength, awareness, emotional intelligence, and alignment to my core values.

I studied for my initial 200hr qualification under Emily Kuser, Bess Prescott, Mei Lai Swan and Marc Holzman, and subsequently trained in yoga and depression with Jess Leitch. I have completed my LYT™ Level 1 qualification with Lara Heimann to teach a physical therapy approach to yoga which works on neurological development in order to establish better movement patterns and posture. Through regular practice, you will gain strength, mobility and adaptability, finding more freedom in the mind and body. 


I teach a creative flow class, inspired by the LYT™ method, and my Breathing Space class which is a gentle practice to tune the nervous system and learn techniques for managing mental wellbeing.