Creative flow

A dynamic practice based on the LYT™ method. Each class begins by resetting the body so that we don't take our imbalances onto the mat. This is then followed by a developmental sequence which retrains movement patterns, laying down new neural pathways for better movement and posture. We want to work to establish basic patterns and then develop more complex ones which call for more strength, mobility and coordination.

These classes are highly creative and intelligent in their sequencing, and accessible for all levels of experience. This style of yoga looks at asana from a physical therapy perspective to make for a sustainable and empowering practice.

Breathing Space

I began Breathing Space as a weekly class for Oxford students to offer a space in which to escape the stress and pressure of academic life. This class explores practices for mental wellbeing and works to fine-tune the nervous system so that we cultivate tools for dealing with the stresses of modern life. Each class offers a slow flow based on LYT™ principles of movement to find more freedom in the body and to boost levels of feel-good hormones. It also introduces breathwork, journalling and mindfulness.

This is a beautifully inclusive space and is open to all; no yoga experience needed. 

Private classes

Contact me if you would like to find out more about organising one-on-one classes for personalised support, group classes or corporate events.